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Divorce Planning in Contemplation of Divorce
If you are in a marriage that seems likely to end in divorce, pre-divorce planning can make a big difference.  A seasoned and experienced family law attorney will help you avoid mistakes and develop winning strategies that can save you and your spouse significant sums and prevent unnecessary litigation and animosity.   It is always a good idea to hire or consult with an experienced divorce lawyer early in your divorce planning process.
Gary Kollmeier will help you decide the best way to approach divorce, including complex property issues and critical children’s issues.  

Issues that need to be explored include:

Timing strategy for optimal positioning for custody and support issues

Planning to avoid problems related to proper characterization of assets as separate or community

Debt avoidance

Tax issues

Mental health issues.

At the Law Office of Gary Kollmeier, we will work with you and, if necessary, refer you to outside professionals in the areas of financial planning, real estate and mental health counselors to ensure that you and your children are well taken care of.

Take control of your impending divorce and of your financial future and your children’s future.  

Please call our office at (940) 387-8181, and schedule an appointment for a confidential no-obligation consultation.  An in-depth interview usually takes at least one to two hours to explore and understand the dynamics of a client's situation and explore practical options and resolutions to legal issues. The normal cost of an initial consultation is only $175.00




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Gary Kollmeier

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