Why Collaborative Law?


The conventional process of litigation in a family law or probate matter can drive the parties in dispute even further away from each other.   Litigation takes a toll on the individual dignity and emotional health of each party, not to mention the damage to children.  Children of any age can suffer the most in any protracted dispute related to their custody and possession.   Whatever the dysfunction that may exist between the parents, it may be all that the children have ever known.   The children may feel responsible and may feel the need to take sides, and they may be drawn into the dispute because one or both parents cannot maintain appropriate boundaries during the dispute.

The Collaborative Process offers the primary parties to the case the opportunity to work together with the assistance of collaboratively trained lawyers and other professionals.  By working together the parties are able to maintain control of their case, and their destiny.   No lawyer, judge, or mental health professional will dictate or force any decision upon a party as long as the case remains in the collaborative process.    In Texas, a Collaborative case can avoid mandatory judicial oversight for as long as two years.   Collaborative cases are almost always less expensive and less time consuming than traditional litigation methods.   Each party using the process learns techniques of cooperative problem solving that greatly reduces the fear and anxiety that are common in litigation-based methods that rely on Court proceedings and Judicial decisions.   The parties strive to produce a “win-win” solution to their disputes.   The Collaborative way protects privacy,

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using the Collaborative Law Process can be difficult.   At this time, very few Texas family law attorneys have made the unique and serious commitment to study and learn about this new process.   This is a new area that requires training and learning entirely new skills to be effective.   Most Collaborative lawyers have joined one or more local collaborative professional practice groups to expand their legal expertise and skill level in this new exciting area of dispute resolution.    Gary Kollmeier is well trained in Collaborative Law, having received many hours of formal specialized instruction and has handled numerous collaborative cases.   Gary Kollmeier is a charter member of the Denton County Collaborative Professionals, which is a Denton County practice group and is also a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, and is also a member of other national collaborative law associations. 

The Law Office of Gary Kollmeier provides collaborative law services as well as family law mediation services, including meeting facilities that promote a pleasant and comfortable dispute resolution experience.   Convenient free parking, handicap accessible facilities, and easy access from all parts of Denton County, all promote the opportunity for relaxing the stress involved in resolving complex disputes.

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Gary Kollmeier

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