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The latest variation in Collaborative Law involves the use of outside professionals in the Collaborative Process.    These professionals include mental health counselors, financial consultants, and parenting coordinators who work with the parties and their lawyers to form an extended Collaborative Team.    This model of Collaborative Law is fast becoming what is known as the full Team Approach.   The professionals used are usually called Neutral Allied Collaborative Professionals, and have received specific and intensive Collaborative Process training.  Although many disputes can be resolved using the basic 4-way approach with one lawyer representing each party, the Team approach solves many problems that can occur in the attempt to use Collaborative Law.   The Collaborative Process relies on each party and their attorney to be able to work together to discuss difficult and complex disputes in an efficient cooperative  manner.   All parties agree to be honest and transparent in the timely exchange of relevant information.   The Collaborative Process requires both the attorneys and the client’s to make a “paradigm shift” away from the traditional litigation model.   In addition to a new and alien method of problem solving, the parties must be able to effectively communicate with each other without recrimination and animosity.   Third-party neutrals that work for both of the disputing parties and their attorneys promote the trust and the honest open exchange of information and ideas.   In the event that the collaborative process is abandoned, then the neutral professionals cannot be used in court by either side.

A neutral mental health professional, usually called a “communication coach” can work for both parties to help them discuss difficult issues and factual situations.   Being neutral, the communication coach can also work with the couple to resolve custody, visitation, and other issues related to children, “off-line,” without the lawyers present at a much lower expense to the parties.   

A neutral financial professional can work with the parties to obtain and analyze financial information to help each party understand their finances and explore options for settlement.  The parties retain full control over the process, and can be assured that the assistance provided by the neutral professional is fair and transparent.


Get Started - Schedule an Appointment - Please call and schedule an appointment for a consultation.   An in-depth interview usually takes at least one to two hours to explore and understand the dynamics of a client's situation and explore practical options and resolutions to legal issues. The normal cost of an initial consultation is only $175.00.

Gary Kollmeier
Gary Kollmeier

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